Stay In Your Lane | William Nozak | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice

Stay In Your Lane | William Nozak | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice
So often life seems to give options. Even too many options at once. Although the strangest times in life are when you are sitting at your own red lights wondering where have all the green lights gone. Is it the creator, seasons, our biological rhythms, ebb and flow, the yin-yang? These forces at play seem to be of another world. No one can really say why one rises and another falls. What seems to be clear is to see the green light flash, your altitude improve, ebb, or the yang, stay in your lane.

So many gifted people, neighbors, friends, brothers, and yet what happened to you and me? Working for every inch. The good news is giftedness seems to matter very little. Inches turn into feet and feet into miles. Certainly, the race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong; but time and chance happen to everyone. So I am willing to predict, each person will get a chance at enjoying their passion. That thing that you love, can be the best at, and turns your economic engine. I truly believe you have a chance at it. The trick is not in picking that which compliments your assets, if Spud Webb had thought this way he would never have been an NBA dunk champion, but to stay tasked, brilliant, hardworking, learning, and determined. And by God stay in your lane. When the day comes, you will be ready. When opportunities arise along the way, which carry little weight toward your expectant outcome, remember to veer away from them. Stay in your lane.

If you will stay prepared, focused, determined, and confident, your time will come. I confidently predict time and chance happen to everyone. The difference is those prepared for the moment experience an altitude shift and those who are not have no clue what just happened. Remember to stay in your lane. Every new day will bring more options that are not en route to your destination, do not touch them. If you have no idea which way to head then you will have no clue which lanes to occupy. When you have no destination, you smash into others lanes, because you do not see lanes at all. Define yourself, and stay in your lane. For more business related articles check out or at Harper’s Hut Blog.


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