William Nozak Bio | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice

William Nozak Bio | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice

When a flock of birds flies off into the sky, do they know where they are going? Did they talk about it just before take-off or maybe one lifted off and the rest followed? What we know is when birds fly in formation there is no single leader; each will get its turn. We can assume there is some form of communication with birds, so it is my hope to encourage a conversation among the business-minded readers and together fly toward entrepreneurial & community growth.

It is my greatest joy to accept the offer from Kirk McCracken to write a monthly business column in the Sand Springs Leader. In a quick personal snapshot. I have toured and recorded over 60 songs as a BMI songwriter. With three full-length albums as my crowing jewel. (This brought me personal fulfillment as my natural hand in business is as a ‘pioneer’). As I worked on creating a following for my small music-making business, I knew I needed a supplemental income. In 2005, I owned my first franchise located in Dallas. In 2006, I started teaching college, which lasted until 2014. In 2008, I graduated with an MBA from ORU. In 2010, I accepted a promotion becoming the first Director of Education at AIMT in Tulsa. (This is where I truly understood life as a ‘settler’). In 2013, I had the great honor to marry my wife Lindsay Nozak and purchase three franchise units in California: Oxi Fresh of San Francisco, San Rafael, & Santa Rosa. These businesses, my wife and I own/manage from Tulsa. What a ride owning and managing a business 1700 miles away has been! Everything that could go wrong has! And we have become stronger and smarter for it. In 2014, I became a fulltime entrepreneur starting my own brand: Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice. In 2014, our shaved ice stand won ‘Best of the Best Tulsa’ and had ten seasonal employees.

Music, teaching, and business. Those were the three flags on my life’s ship. In the last season of my life, I have taken down the teaching and music flags and have extended my business flag across the whole ship.

On a personal level, I read over 20 books a year, my wife and I are raising an unruly dog and a rescue cat, we love spending time together, helping others, and family. I do not have it all together and there are many, more able than I to catalog the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurial life. With that said, I humbly accept this privilege to share personal insights in small business with the Sand Springs Leader readership. For more business related articles check out http://harpershutshavedice.me/ or Harper’s Hut Blog.


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