Best Snow Cone in Tulsa, Oklahoma | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice | Social Media

Harper’s Hut has the best snow cone in Tulsa and surrounding. Why?

We use the best ice cubes! We have the most flavors 80+, We have the softest snow! Our hut is original and not a boring box! We have fun events.

WE are kid, teenager, adult, family, punk-kid friendly! We’ve made 1200 snow cones in one day. We have a Brain Freeze Challenge! We have a snow-ball challenge. We have Jalapeño, Shark’s Blood, Tiger’s Blood, Fuzzy Navel, Daiquiri, Mudslide, Wine Cooler, Blue and Red Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum, you name it! We probably have it. We have diet flavors. Did I mention Egg Custard, Sliced Mangos, gummy worms, bears, nerds, pop rocks, chocolate cream, cream, Nutella!!, Salt. Our prices are family friendly from $1-8. We support local charities: Keith’s Ice Cold Lemonade, The Little Light House. We have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, linkedIn, nuffsaid #wearethebestsnowconeinTulsa. There I said it and I meant it.

Best Snow Cone in Tulsa
Harper’s Hut
1124. E. Charles Page Blvd
Sand Springs, Ok 74063

Follow us at


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