Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice located in Sand Springs | The Little Light House | Keith Boyd

Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice is located in Sand Springs at 1124 E. Charles Page Boulevard.

Harper’s Hut is a gourmet Shaved Ice stand specializing in soft ice desserts. The Hut has a Flavor Of The Day everyday, over 65+ flavors, and lots of quirky, traditional, and novel add-ons to put on your shaved ice dessert.

Harper’s Hut is proud to partner with Keith Boyd of Keith’s Ice Cold Lemonade Stand to create a special lemonade sno cone in his honor. Keith is a 10-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy who is raising money for The Little Light House, a tuition free school for children with special needs. All proceeds from the Keith’s Ice Cold Lemonade Sno Cone will benefit The Little Light House where Keith attended school.

“They are so sweet for naming a sno cone after my company, says Keith Boyd, CEO of Keith’s Ice Cold Lemonade Stand. “I hope they sell millions, and make lots of money!”

Harper’s Hut also works with school and church groups to help them with their fundraising efforts. If your group is interested in hosting a fundraiser please contact us at harpers.hut@gmail.com.

If you would like to contact Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice, please call 918-671-6352.


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Best Snow Cone in Tulsa, Oklahoma | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice | Social Media

Harper’s Hut has the best snow cone in Tulsa and surrounding. Why?

We use the best ice cubes! We have the most flavors 80+, We have the softest snow! Our hut is original and not a boring box! We have fun events.

WE are kid, teenager, adult, family, punk-kid friendly! We’ve made 1200 snow cones in one day. We have a Brain Freeze Challenge! We have a snow-ball challenge. We have Jalapeño, Shark’s Blood, Tiger’s Blood, Fuzzy Navel, Daiquiri, Mudslide, Wine Cooler, Blue and Red Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum, you name it! We probably have it. We have diet flavors. Did I mention Egg Custard, Sliced Mangos, gummy worms, bears, nerds, pop rocks, chocolate cream, cream, Nutella!!, Salt. Our prices are family friendly from $1-8. We support local charities: Keith’s Ice Cold Lemonade, The Little Light House. We have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, linkedIn, nuffsaid #wearethebestsnowconeinTulsa. There I said it and I meant it.

Best Snow Cone in Tulsa
Harper’s Hut
1124. E. Charles Page Blvd
Sand Springs, Ok 74063

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Harper’s Hut | Tulsa | Best Shaved Ice | Why Do We Have The Best Shaved Ice In Tulsa?

Harper’s Hut | Tulsa | Best Shaved Ice

Why do we have the best shaved ice in Tulsa?

We have the softest snow, most original stand, most flavors nearly 70, and we will experiment with just about anything! WE give away sno cones every year, support non-profits with big checks, have snow-ball fights, brain freeze challenges, The Meltdown, and so much more!

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Harper’s Hut



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Best Snow Cone in Tulsa | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice | Banana Nutella

We are Harper’s Hut and we are located just outside Tulsa city limits in Sand Springs on Charles Page Blvd. No where in Tulsa will you get a Banana Nutella Snow Cone/Shaved Ice.

We are a gourmet, non-traditional snow cone/shaved ice stand. If we can think of it we will create it. We are always buying new products to try in our snow cones hoping to find that next snow cone hit!

We have a Flavor Of The Day – everyday! Check our Facebook for details.

Harper’s Hut
Sand Springs, Ok
918.671.6352 – Call in your order in advance!


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Snow Balls at a Snow Cone Stand | Snow Ball Fight | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice

We are a Shaved Ice/Snow Cone stand located in Sand Springs Oklahoma. We have a competition, ole’ fashion battles, and The Meltdown. In our competition if you can hit us with a snow ball from across the parking lot, you win one of our Cold Cards: Free snow cones all season. We are just west of Tulsa. Come check us out! Any day of the week

Today’s Special
Blueberry Cobbler (Blueberry, Ice Cream, Cream, Marshmellows-optional)

“Stop the Crunch”
Harper’s Hut – Sand Springs, Ok.

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Shaved Ice Sand Springs, Oklahoma | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice

Shaved Ice Sand Springs, Oklahoma

We are the newest Shaved Ice Stand in the Tulsa and surrounding area. We have over 80 flavors on the menu and many more not listed. Come and enjoy a delicious Snow Dessert!

Harper’s Hut

Shaved Ice

Sand Springs, Oklahoma

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